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Travelling for work or leisure is a central part of many people’s lives. 


But the amount of administration that global travel requires can be time consuming, especially with constantly changing entry regulations and visa requirements.


To streamline the process of moving and working around the world we offer a comprehensive suite of immigration consulting services. 


Perhaps you want to move to Germany for work? Or plan to attend several business meetings in Europe or Asia?


We can help with submitting visa applications for business travel, securing a settlement permit (such as the Blue Card), relocating to a new country or support with adjusting to a new culture.


Essentially, we offer you the luxury of time by advising on the best approach for your needs and expertly taking care of all visa matters.


Our immigration and visa consulting services include:


  • Travel visa

  • Business visa

  • Work visa

  • Settlement

  • EU Blue Card

  • Integration


We are based in Germany and have specialist knowledge of European and Asian immigration systems.


Contact us to discuss your immigration and visa requirements.

Immigration & Visa Consultation

Immigration & visa consultation

Expand your horizons

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