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How to: Immigration in Germany

Updated: Mar 1, 2023


Immigrating to another country can be a hard journey to take with many questions that need answers.

Germany, like many other countries, is welcoming people from all over the world to come into the country and be a part of its diverse culture.

We are here to help answer your questions.

What forms of Immigration are there?

Germany offers a wide selection of immigration solutions & procedures. Which of these solutions you choose depends on your reason for immigration.

The most common reasons for immigration are:

  • Employment,

  • Education,

  • Entrepreneurship,

  • Family reunions,

  • Residence permits (temporary & permanent).

A more detailed overview of the specific requirements for each immigration reason can be found in our dedicated blog posts for each of them.

What do I need for it?

To be eligible to immigrate to Germany there are some general (similar) and case-specific requirements for each immigration request. For overview reasons, we are discussing here the general requirements that are similar if not identical for each immigration request.

  • Financial Stability You need to give proof to the bureau that you have adequate financial financing for the immigration request you desire. The requirement amount differs depending on the reason to immigrate.

  • Health Insurance To be able to immigrate you will need health insurance (international or German) for Germany which minimum covers the time of your stay.

  • Basic Proficiency in German Basic proficiency in the German language is a set requirement of the immigration process and needs to be fulfilled for all immigration requests. The proficiencies are separated into three levels, A, B, and C. These levels are further separated into A1/A2 - basic understanding, B1/B2 - proficiency in the language, and C1/C2 - advanced language skill. For most immigration requests, B1 is sufficient.

  • German Visa If you intend to visit Germany before applying for immigration, consider that depending on your country of origin you will have to apply for a visa before entering Germany. Depending on your reason to enter Germany you can apply for the following visa: Business Visa Study Visa Job Seeker Visa Working (Employment) Visa Guest Scientist Visa Training/Internship Visa Family Reunion Visa Note: Some of these visas might or might not be available depending on the visa regulations between Germany and your country of origin.

German Permit Residence
Residence Permit

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