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An investment for the future

Property is a tangible asset and a constant driver in global economies.


It provides businesses and individuals with long-term security, as well as a place to live, work or spend time overseas.


But navigating the real estate market - whether domestically or internationally - can be complex and time consuming.


This is where Liongate Consulting comes in.


Our advisors provide real estate consulting services to SMBs, SMEs and private buyers to ensure every property purchase is a worthwhile investment for the future.


We consult on the acquisition and sale of apartments, houses and land, as well as commercial real estate such as office buildings and production facilities. 


Our partners can also support you with income generation opportunities for further returns on your property investment.


Investing in real estate is more than just buying bricks and mortar - it’s an investment in your financial future.


Our real estate consulting services include:


  • Market evaluation

  • Property listing

  • Price negotiations

  • Contract consultation

  • Translations (for international real estate)

  • Access to partner network (finance)


We are based in Germany and have specialist knowledge of European and Asian property markets.


Contact us to discuss your real estate requirements.

Real estate consulting

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