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Passport Ranking 2022 - Germany

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

How does the German passport compare in strength and visa-free access to other passports around the world? What does this mean for you if you consider immigrating to Germany?

In this blog post, we will go into the details and answer your questions.

Where does Germany stand in 2022?

Depending on which sources you look at Germany stands in 2nd place with either 163 (passport index) or 190 (Henley & Partners) countries with visa-free access.

Meaning that the German passport is one of the most influential and most powerful passports for anyone who is looking to travel to most countries visa-free. Only being surpassed by either the United Emirates (Passport Index) or Japan & Singapore (Henley & Partners).

Why should that be of importance to me?

German Passport Index 2022 Germany

We all know the struggles of travel around the world. The time-consuming process of applying for a visa in a foreign country & the documentation that needs to be provided to be successful in the attempt.

Having a powerful passport that allows visa-free entry in most countries around the globe eases these restraints and open ups new possibilities for eased-up travel.

No more tedious application processes just to have a business or private trip to another country. Book your ticket and off you go.

How can I get a German passport?

The process of obtaining the right to hold a German passport is a lengthy one.

The process is called naturalization. It includes a series of interviews that are conducted by foreign affairs officials after successfully applying and supplying documentation.

More detailed information about the naturalization process, its requirement, and the rights that you gain after successfully going through it can be read here.

Can I have more than one passport or nationality?

Under normal circumstances, it is only possible for children of parents with multiple nationalities and passports (Mother - Chinese nationality | Father - German nationality) to own multiple nationalities until the age of 18 and 23.

In this timeframe, they must decide on which nationality to keep and which to forgo. Which then leads to the process of naturalization.

In rare instances, people who apply for new citizenship in another country can be granted to be able to keep two citizenships and thus two nationalities. In most cases, though this appeal will not be granted.

German Passport - Immigration
German Passport


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