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Multiple-Nationality Citizenship After Just 3 Years


For a long time it has been an undeniable fact that multi-national citizenship has been a wish for many living in Germany. Especially for everyone who, due to individual situations giving up on their home-country nationality was never an option.

What does thee turbo citizenship mean in detail?

Thanks to a recent proposed change to what is accepted in the naturalisation process, the wish of so many people who came or consider to come to Germany for work and/or to build up a new life here could potentially be answered. The proposition aims to change the law behind the naturalisation process to allow people with another citizenship than German to go through the naturalisation process without forfeiting their home-country citizenship.

This would abolish the multi-nationality criteria, which in the past would have been affected the outcome of the application for naturalisation. Opening up the naturalisation process for more prospects in the future and giving Germany a better chance in offering skilled workers a suitable plan for their future in Germany.

More information about the specifics under the new law can be found in our upcoming comprehensive article: Reworked Skilled Immigration Act


Would you get the German citizenship if it allows you to keep your home country citizenship?

  • Yes

  • Maybe

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