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3.000 Euro Welcome bonus - A welcoming change in the German healthcare sector

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Germany's healthcare sector is heavily struggling to find new & young people who are willing to become caregivers and take care of the elderly, weak & ill. The pandemic and its widespread influences on the economy only enhanced this problem and showed Germany that the healthcare sector is operating at its bare bones.

Thus, the governmental organizations of Nord-Rhine Westfalia decided to offer a 3.000 EUR one-time bonus ("Willkommensgeld") for caregivers from non-EU countries, when they decide to work as a caregiver in Nord-Rhine Westfalia.

Wilkommensgeld NRW
Stronger together

Who can receive the one-time bonus?

To be eligible and receive the one-time bonus certain requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. You have a degree in one of the following nursing professions: -Elderly care nurse -Health & pediatric nurse -Health & staff nurse -Nursing specialist -Other nursing specialists with specialized training in health care & nursing: hygiene, intensive care & anesthesia, surgical service

  2. You have acquired your degree in a country outside of the European Union.

  3. You have applied for professional recognition at the district government Münster and received an interim notice.

  4. You found an employer in Nord-Rhine Westfalia where you can work as an assistant.

  5. You have a residence permit according to § 16d Residence Act*. (* § 24 Residence Act, if you are a refugee from Ukraine)

How does the application work?

To receive the one-time bonus of 3.000 EUR you need to fill out the application and send this and the necessary documents to the LGH.

More detailed information about the precise application process will be updated as soon as available.

Which documents are necessary?

Apart from the completed application form & the evaluation form, the following documents must be submitted as well:

  1. valid residence permit (issued in Nord-Rhine Westfalia)

  2. Interim notice from the responsible district government dated not earlier than 01.01.2022

  3. employment contract as assistant nursing staff in Nord-Rhine Westfalia

nurse healthcare
Nurses, the real heroes

Interested in working in Germany in the nursing profession?

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